Binary options copy service


Copier of transactions from one account to another.

To Start, run the file Registry.reg, and then Bot2Binary.exe.

1. Master Token - token from that account, which we want to receive signals (signalist).

2. Slave Token - token from that account,to which we want copy signals (client).

3. Keeping alive frequency (min) - connection check time (recommend 10 min).

4. Delta (sec) - signal delay time with poor internet connection (recommend 0 sec).

5. Name - any name.

6. Use static Lot - Lot.

7. Trading time - copier working time.

8. SL/TP Settings - day SL.TP.

9. Connect to Master - connection master token.

10. Connect to Slave - connection slave token.

11. Show Master history - transaction history master account.

12. Show Slave history - transaction history slave account.



                                    Watch the video of the correct installation.    

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Binary options copy service


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