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Money management

which allows you to apply effective money management techniques.

Money management (money manager, or MM) is a rigid set of rules,

increase your starting capital.
One of its main tasks is to minimize risks, preserving, but also stable
Failure to follow its basic rules threatens you with a deposit of disbursement and disappointment in trading.
Money Management is one of the most important components of a successful career as a trader.


The main rules of money management

Always use stop loss.
excitement and begin to follow the principle of Martingale, forget about it.
• You should never try to recoup in case of a failed transaction. Many give in to this

if your estimated stop loss will be two, and sometimes three times less than the future take profit.
• Do not open more than one transaction at a time. Open only if

novice traders such an amount should not exceed 1%.
• The risk of each transaction should not exceed 2% -5% of the amount of your deposit. For



learning and experience!
much time like
Only this profession is no different from the rest, which means you need to pay
Being a trader is very prestigious, this work opens up all the horizons for you.


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