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Author's strategy for the Forex market

The strategy consists of two moving averages (55,305) and

S.A.F PipFinite Pro indicator (indicator does not repaint).

1. We are waiting for the intersection of moving averages (55 above 305 - only purchases, 55 buy 305 - only sell).

2. Signal from the S.A.F PipFinite Pro indicator.

3. Input by the indicator signal in the direction of the trend.

4. The output is also carried out on the opposite signal indicator S.A.F PipFinite Pro


The recommended timeframe is M5.

Currency pairs - Major.

Trading time - European, American.

Indicator Pipfinite pro:  Price -  88$    (Best - seller)

Contact for buy indicator:


Telegram: @Forexbinary24


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Indicators, Advisors and Copy Binary


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